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Inspired by the 1993 Washington DC experiment (see below) that saw thousands of participants use meditation to bring about a more peaceful community, a dynamic group of expert and registered holistic practitioners with a deep and passionate desire to create a grassroots movement of local supported self-care, self responsibility and self awareness practices, organised an Holistic wellbeing event in Nottingham called ThinKNotts. In May 2017 to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, ThinkNottsbrought over 600 people together to enjoy the UK’s first mass meditation, with over 4,500 people visiting the stalls and exhibition throughout the day.

In May 2018, a twinned event with Nottingham and Bristol saw once again, hundreds come together between the two sites. The power of this mass connection was felt by all involved. This is where the broader concept of Moments of Mass Mindfulness (MOMM) was born. We realise the power of bringing people together in their communities or wherever people may be and using meditation and mindfulness practices to connect us at the same time on the same day across the globe. Studies show that meaningful relationships are one of the main sources of happiness. When we come together with a shared intent of peace and harmony, we naturally amplify the coherence within and radiate out into the world.  

In May 2019, we co-ordinated a large scale global MOMM.

MOMM took place in 52 countries

10.1k people took part

363 events took place globally

MOMM is a mass expression of Peace in the midst of a world slipping further into separation and conflict, fear and mistrust. It is a demonstration of heart-felt connection and a refusal to be divided.

MOMM is focused on peace, building community, and compassionate connection. 

MOMM is an opportunity to collaborate and create powerful change.