Download the HeartMath Global Coherence app.

Without a HeartMath Inner Balance sensor, the app will show you how many people are meditating at the same time in each country. You will show as an active participant and be able to see each person as a bright light on a map of the world, with the ability to zoom into different continents, nations and regions.

If you own a HeartMath Inner Balance sensor, we will also be able to measure the power of the collective coherence generated, while you are using the Global Coherence app. If you do not own a sensor and would like to purchase one click here.

For more information on what coherence is and why it’s so important click here.

Instructions for the app download & installation

1.     Open your phone or tablet’s app store:

For Android - open Play Store. For Apple iOS - open App Store.

Please note, the GC app will only work on Apple iOS, Android and Kindle Fire HD. You must have Apple iOS 10 or Android V5 or newer.

2.     Type “Global Coherence” in the search bar. You will see a + ❤︎ logo and the title Global Coherence. Press Open/Install.

3.     Once you have the app installed, you can open the app and then watch these short and simple “How To” videos

NOTE: Participants who wish to buy an Inner Balance sensor to participate in measuring the group coherence, please click here.

Video tutorials

1.An introduction to the Global Coherence app and the work that MOMM is doing with HeartMath UK &I and the HeartMath Institute.

2. Step by step instructions on how to install the Global Coherence app

3. This video tutorial explains how to connect your HeartMath sensor should you have one to your Smartphone, for use with the Global Coherence app.