Spotlight on Gavin Andrews & HeartMath


Gavin Andrews is the Managing Director of HeartMath® UK and Ireland.

 HeartMath is a simple approach to transforming your stress, boosting your resilience and living your life with more health, more happiness and, most importantly, more heart.

 It is a system of fast, easy and powerful self-awareness and self-regulation techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used “in-the-moment”, whatever the situation; meaning that you can bring your best-self to your personal and professional lives.

And what makes HeartMath unique is that you can practise the techniques using Heart Coherence Biofeedback technology. The technology gives you real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state and helps you develop the ability to self-regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviours. In simple terms it’s a bit like mindfulness (or heartfulness!) blended with positive psychology while using a gadget like a FitBit for the emotions!

Gavin has a background as a Consultant, Coach, Trainer and University Lecturer specialising in Leadership Development and Performance. He began personally practicing HeartMath 13 years ago and quickly fell in love with the simplicity, effectiveness and health benefits. He then introduced HeartMath into his professional work and became the MD of HeartMath UK+IRL in 2012. He runs the business and HeartMath’s UK and Ireland Coach Certification Programmes and also delivers HeartMath training into organisations. He has a deep interest in authenticity, self-leadership, living from the heart and integrated approaches to wellbeing, resilience and high performance. He holds an MBA and Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education.

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