Spotlight on Vera Lopez


Vera Lopez, Founder of Spirits of the Earth
Established in 1989 Vera has been leading spiritual adventures around the world sharing the power of transformational experiences through travel with thousands of seekers. One of the most knowledgeable guides of Machu Picchu where she herself had heard the calling, Vera has since then, dedicated her life to guiding others into sacred places around the world, such Sedona, AZ, France, SpainAvalon, and Brazil.

Spiritual Group Leader, Shaman & PachaMama's Priestess
Vera is a native of Brazil and lives in the spiritual center of Sedona, Arizona. She is an International Transformational Teacher, beginning her spiritual studies at the age of 18 with the renowned Luiz Gasparetto, Psychologist and Metaphysical Teacher. There she realized her natural ability to channel and started to direct it as a guidance tool while working as a spiritual counsellor.

Speaker & Presenter
Vera has been a keynote speaker at Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing including their summer festivals for empowering women. Vera leads international classes and retreats on many topics such Priestesshood, Shamanism, Metaphysics, Spiritism, Traditional Japanese Reiki & Awakening the Illuminated Heart.  She also leads Divine Feminine Circle, Retreats and has developed a certification program for women who are called to serve the Great Goddess.

Vera Lopez will be leading meditations for MOMM at our global event on the 12th May.