MOMM & HeartMath - Global Coherence technology

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MOMM would like to tell the stories behind our strategic partnerships so we asked Gavin Andrews, Managing Director of HeartMath UK+IRL to share the story behind the collaboration between MOMM and HeartMath…

“As soon as Sue and Irfan told me about their plans for MOMM I knew that HeartMath had to be involved. Their vision and the way they view health at the individual, social and global levels fits perfectly with our own vision and our beliefs about the practical ways we can create more peace, fairness, health and happiness in the world.

As a result, the HeartMath Institute and HeartMath UK+IRL have joined MOMM in their mission and we are excited to be supporting MOMM in a number of ways.

Firstly, we are of course, promoting the UK and Global MOMM events to our networks of friends, customers and partners worldwide. Everyone we speak to about MOMM gets very enthusiastic and wants to be involved. There’s definitely a powerful and attractive energy around MOMM’s vision which is resonating with people. I think that’s a sign of the times.

Secondly, we’re providing some assistance and resource to the MOMM team. We’re 100% behind what MOMM is seeking to achieve and as a result HeartMath UK+IRL is providing one of our team to assist with the MOMM programme.

The third and most exciting way we’ll be supporting MOMM is by providing our new Global Coherence app to everyone who is taking part. The Global Coherence app has been developed by our US non-profit, the HeartMath Institute and it’s going to enable us to measure participation.

At the simplest level the app will tell us exactly how many people are participating in the meditations. We’ll have an overall figure and also numbers at the national level. During the meditation itself, every single participant will be visible as an illuminated point on a global map. If you’ve ever seen those amazing pictures of the earth from space where you can see the bright lights emitted by urban areas, then that’s similar to what we’ll be able to see on the app. We’ll be able to zoom in to different areas within each continent and nation to see where people are, and we’ll know that they are joining in.

And it gets even better. We’ll even be able to measure, objectively, the combined power of people’s meditation.


There are thousands of people across the world who use HeartMath’s Heart Coherence biofeedback technologies and we’re encouraging as many as them as possible to participate. In simple terms coherence is an optimal state of inner balance – both physical and mental. That’s why we call our gadget Inner Balance! The Inner Balances measure coherence using heart rhythm (heart rate variability) data. When people become coherent their heart rhythms go into a repeating pattern which appears as a sinusoidal waveform.

So, during the meditation, as people using an Inner Balance meditate, their individual level of coherence will be monitored, in real time, and then their data will be combined with everyone else’s who is using a sensor. What this means is that we will be able to see the development of the combined level of coherence as the meditation progresses.

There has never, ever been anything like this on this scale. We are so excited and intrigued to see what the data reveals. What will be the impact of thousands of people meditating at the same time? What will happen to the collective coherence of these people? Our experiment is seeking to measure what happens to people’s physiology as they meditate. We don’t know what our experiment will bring to light, but it will be fun to find out.”

More details to follow on how to download and utilise the app for your MOMM event…

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