Spotlight on Patrick Rea

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Patrick leads the largest regularly meeting group meditation in London, the Dr Joe Dispenza FAN meetup group. They number several hundred and 60+ turn up each month to meditate as a collective for moments of mass mindfulness. 

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Before Patrick ran the group he was assisting in running experimental courses for the great Dr Joe Dispenza, with his experience of running large groups of trained meditators he got great insight into the power for transformation of group meditation and when the courses ended he created the group to carry on this legacy and to facilitate people working together as a collective to raise their consciousness. 

Patrick’s background is in behavioural change, once leading the award winning Body Transformation Academy, an education provider for those working in fitness, from 2013-2017. During his tenure they won Innovative Training Programme of the Year 2016 with UKactive as well as becoming strategic partners of the organisation subsequently (UKactive is an influential governmental non-profit). 

Patrick is trained in Vedanta with Swami Parthasarathy and is familiar with indigenous shamanic practices under the tutelage of Taino Elder, Maestro Manuel Rufino. 

If you would like to experience the largest and fastest growing meditation group in London for yourself please join their meetup group here.

Patrick is hosting a MOMM event in London on May 11th.

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