Who can hold a MOMM?

…the simple answer is anyone and everyone!


We have had a number of queries about hosting and running a MOMM during our May event weekend. Below is a simple guide on the type of event you can hold. We will be releasing details of our existing locations very soon which range from smaller more intimate settings to larger public events, and everything in-between.

Moments of mass mindfulness (MOMM) is a meditation movement for everyone. We are raising awareness of, and co-creating in community, a model that fully embraces the true definition of health as both an Art and a Science. At the heart of it all, we’re focused on peace, building community, connection, collaboration and to enhance personal wellbeing.


Meditate on your own in the comfort of your home or chose a safe space in nature.

Friends & Family 

Gather your family and close friends and meditate together at home, in a local green space, or on your street!


Organise a group of peers, colleagues or acquaintances, with a shared profession or interest.


Bring together a group of individuals in an informal group setting, at a larger venue. 


Hire a larger venue to bring members of the public and local communities together in mass meditation e.g a marquee or exhibition space.

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