Nottingham MOMM tickets available...

Come together with lots of other local people to share in a very special experience - a fun and uplifting afternoon of expert teaching and guidance on Mindfulness, periods of guided meditation, blissful relaxation... and much more! Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike.


On Saturday 11th May 2019 the Nottingham Mindfulness Group will be hosting a FREE Mass Meditation event in the city centre - as part of the UK and international Moments of Mass Mindfulness initiative.

And we are delighted to announce that this uplifting afternoon of Mindfulness teaching, expert guest speakers, periods of guided meditation, and blissful relaxation will be led for us by TWO very special guests, the hugely popular and internationally acclaimed Mindfulness teachers...

Sarah McLean
author of 'Soul Centered' and 'The Power of Attention'
author of 'Happiness and How It Happens' and 'A Mindful Life'

Both Sarah and Suryacitta are leading figures on the worldwide Mindfulness scene. Each teaches Mindfulness and meditation all over the world (in the USA, Australia, and Europe as well as the UK) and both are noted teachers and mentors of other Mindfulness teachers. During the afternoon Sarah and Suryacitta will both give short talks about Mindfulness and meditation, and they will lead us in two separate 20 minute periods of guided meditation.

In addition, the afternoon will also include other teaching and guidance on Mindfulness, some other short periods of group meditation, and lots more! (Keep your eye on this space for extra details and regular news updates as the event itself draws near.)

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