Spotlight on Rachael Welford


Rachael Welford
Founder - Welford Wellbeing 

Rachael is the founder of Welford Wellbeing, your high vibes gateway to better mental health. She is on a mission to empower people to take control of their mental health so they can release suffering, live life on their terms and access their full potential.

Rachael, is an inspirational speaker and holistic therapist who has an infectious energy. Sincere, not serious; she believes in rising together and enjoying life.

Rachael teaches with passion and knowledge gained directly from personal experience of burn out, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Having had a breakdown following years of unhealthy coping mechanisms, she decided to face her issues and change her life. Through this process, as well as extensive training, she has established solid practises that enabled her to not only rebuild her life but launch a business helping others thrive in the same conditions. This warrants a unique perspective which is delivered in an authentic way. Often acting as the bridge between spirituality and science, magic and the mainstream Rachael creates an inclusive place of self-discovery, inviting people to join her on a journey to master their mental health.

Having worked with a variety of companies from Reuters, Shell, Havas, UN Women, TFL and Barbican to NME, lululemon and Rude Health, Rachael creates unique wellbeing experiences, which inspire others to cultivate self awareness and build lasting change.

Rachael is hosting a MOMM event in London at Rehab Hackney

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