The Dutch Boy calls for coherence in MetobeWe.

My story as a Dutch Boy goes back to 1951 being born in the Netherlands, migrating to Canada in 1952, heading back to the Dutch country in 1960. In these 8 years moved about every year to a new home following the money. A youngster doesn’t care and gets used to it. New environment and new friends come and go.

The time back in the birth country is kind of steady. 2 places to get to be adult and married. Children and now grandchild married over 45 years in a healthy and heartwarming home.

The rush in life exists in work and personal development. Bang and realizing life is more than work became the entrance to HeartMath 15 years ago. I met Robert Erdbrink for a brief talk at Schiphol where he was heading to Hungary to coach somebody. I didn’t need the HeartMath work to make a better living is what he told me hearing my story. But I needed something else in life that continued to stay burning from that day on.

HeartMath offered a funding to being more resilient. The fellow coaches on the way have opportunities to see new approaches. And the Institute of HeartMath changed in the HeartMath Institute adding heart to the world,

Change is a strange friend as it doesn’t follow the brainway and get it’s form in the heart of matters.

My change being legally retired from working makes the urge to step into the future more impactful.

To quote Waldman in NeuroWisdom ‘the most people are able to invest in them selves is not more than a minute in an hour’.

So how do we get all these terrific instruments, tools, techniques working for all layers of people needing it more and more?

HeartMath offers a view that is outstanding in my opinion. The stepping stones from personal to social coherence (and global too) will be a HeartMath solution.

The global coherence app was introduced recently. I got in the train to create a group: MetobeWe.

Now we have a team (11 members) and had a few events in the app.

We have developed a protocol with headlines using the power protocol of Lynne McTaggert in the power of Eight. HeartMath tools as heartbased breathing, shift and lift and heart lock-in, self-compassion and loving kindness and the healing power of ho’oponopono makes a session complete in MetobeWe in a short period of 10-15 minutes.

We will follow the stepping stones into social coherence starting on May 12 with MOMM.

My business will include MetobeWe. Follow us!
To join the MetobeWe group, use access code SoftFlower41.

Paul van Rooijen will be hosting a global MOMM in Holland.

Email Paul at