h.u.g.s, a space for alternative therapies & community in Crete Island, Greece

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The way in life takes value from our will and consent, evolving our individual inner state by bringing into harmony the visible with our invisible pieces, our material and intangible characteristics, in order to evolve through love. 

h.u.g.s was created and inspired in order to enlighten the process of our personal harmonisation by removing "signs" that separate and distract. A place where we can come together in unity. 

Interaction and participation in the process of personal transformation, weakening traumatic feelings, training in more functional behaviours and overthrowing unnecessary attitudes to the service of love and social harmony is one of the positive results of h.u.g.s. 

Targeting and visioning h.u.g.s does not restrict itself to mind or thought, it opens up heart and insight.

We embrace encourage, inspire human thoughts, ideas and creative minds and thinking. Discovering the intelligence of the universe we detect our spiritual wisdom, love and the creation of a bright future for all.

h.u.g.s accommodates alternative therapies in a group or individual context on a daily basis. We have a well-designed space for group seminars and lectures. Τhe space can be transformed appropriately for small concerts and small theatrical performances. The rest of the room is operated daily as a focal point. Books and works of art are available in the field.

The positive and gentle heart of our services are part of the values we represent. 

h.u.g.s is located in Heraklion City, Crete island in Greece, we are thrilled to be part of the MOMM journey and are honoured to be holding a Global MOMM on Sunday 12th May.

Maria Grigoraki Founder of h.u.g.s 

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