Spotlight on Gloria Kimberley

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Gloria is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach based in Leeds. She supports people who want to improve their physical and emotional health and become empowered in making the most of their lives. She uses tools that have helped her and her family including Homeopathy, PSYCH-K® and lifestyle advice.

In 2018 Gloria became a Podcaster on a new podcast called Sharing the Vibe. Sharing the Vibe covers topics in holistic health, wellness and spiritual connection. She had the idea of creating a podcast because she wanted to share the information that she's acquired during her own personal development journey with the wider community. Over the past 20 years she's met loads of wonderful practitioners, experienced various complementary therapies, used different personal growth tools and tried many products that have helped her.

'I want people to know that there are different options to achieve good physical and emotional health and that one approach may particularly resonate with them at a particular time in their lives. I also want to introduce some amazing practitioners and their stories about why they do what they do. I'm always fascinated to know how someone got into a particular therapy and how their careers have developed.'   

Gloria became involved in the MOMM project as a result of interviewing Sue Cooper who described her vision of holding mass meditation events across the UK in May 2019 (episode 8).  Sue inspired Gloria to want to co-create an event in Leeds.

‘I’ve always wanted to connect with more people who work in the holistic community in Leeds and find a way for us to work together. I know that in joining forces we can create and achieve so much more. The MOMM project is the perfect way to do this and to give something back to the wonderful city of Leeds!’

The second series of Sharing the Vibe will be published starting in May 2019 and will feature more round table discussions on important emotional health topics. To listen to the first series please visit or download the episodes from your favourite podcast provider including iTunes.