Spotlight on Irfan Sohail

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Irfan previously held startup and corporate senior executive roles for over 20 years, and now works as an operational change, business transformation consultant and technologist.

Following a diagnosis of a rare tumour condition back in 2014, he was forced to follow a pain management regime of heavy opioids and sporadic physiotherapy sessions to bring his mobility back. Becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of answers from numerous healthcare professionals, Irfan embarked on a personal journey of healing, research and building his own integrative recovery plan. Introducing meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, energy work, nutrition and lifestyle medicine to combat both the psychological and physical impact of his lack of mobility and management of various acute pain symptoms, he was not only able to walk once again unaided, but flourished both in mind and in body. 

Now in full recovery, Irfan works with others to bring forward the differing healing modalities and mind body sciences to a broader audience in a contemporary, and modern context. 

As co-founder of MOMM (Moments of Mass Mindfulness) a volunteer led, community grassroots movement, Co-Founders Sue and Irfan are developing a framework that integrates self care and healthcare through natural practices, arts and the sciences.