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MOMM is a story written by you and all of us who are part of this collaborative movement. Send us a short article about yourself, your journey, work and/or what inspires you to be part of this initiative.

- We do not pay for promotional guest posts.
- We will only accept posts on subjects that are relevant to our community and readers
- We are happy to link back to your business, initiatives and work
- You will receive worldwide exposure for your articles.
- As part of the bio introduction at the start of your published piece, readers will be able to connect to your blog, website or a social media of choice, via a link that you provide.

Topics Accepted (perspectives, opinion, stories, experiences)

- Self Care
- Mind body well-being
- Spiritual values and growth
- Positive lifestyle choices and practices
- Meditation within a community setting
- Self development within the context of modern science, ancient wisdoms and traditions
- Community connection and collaboration

Ideal article length can vary, so typically no less than 400 words...

MOMM is an independent non-profit initiative:

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